Throw An Epic Adult Halloween Party

It's that time of year again when the spider webs on my door are considered chic and the creaky floorboards are there for ambiance. What better way to show off your hard year's work than to throw a Halloween party?

 Taking a brew of fun spooky games, Booz, and a little something extra, your party is destined to be the talk of all the ghosts and ghouls around.

 To start you're going to need a theme. I’m thinking Hellscape, or crime scene. Plenty of caution tape and bloody handprints. Personally, my favorite is the costume party.

 There are so many extra things you could add to this like costume contests and themes. For example, everyone dressing up as their favorite villain, as a cast from a specific movie, or a new twist on a classic monster. Recently a big trend has been horror movie bad guys as cheerleaders. The possibilities are endless.

 Next, you're going to need some décor. As I said, my spiders have been hard at work to prepare me for the year, but I don't know if your eight-legged friends are as loyal, so to the nearest store we go.

 Turning your normally cozy home into a portal of wondrous terror will pull your guests away from the drearly mundane, and wisp them away into whimsy. You could wrap caution tape around the dog and slap some bloody handprints on all the walls, or grab some dry ice and a cauldon!

 Next is the cocktails. There are so many to choose from like the classic "poison" shot in the syringe to one's cookie crumble rims and worms, but just because we're close, and I want this party to be the best you've ever had, I'll give you my favorite recipe.

 Take your favorite glass, nothing too fancy, plop a bit of mango puree onto a plate. Add a couple drops of red food coloring. Mix until it's good and bloody. Rim your glasses generously allowing it to drip down the sides.

 In the glass add a one part coconut rum, two parts peach schnapps, and top off with bubbly Sprite. I'm telling you it will take you to the tropics as you freeze your butt off in this October air.

Lastly, this is my secret weapon, the one thing that has never failed me in my pursuit of the best party ever.

 THC. Hear me out!

 I am the friend who prioritizes a good time right? Fill your cup, fill your soul type of gal so trust me. What if I told you that this brand I know could not only kick your party up a notch but is also VEGAN? That company is Green Garden Gold and their candy coated THC gummies are amazing!  

 I'm here for you and your success and I am telling you, having these out for the local monsters of your mash will kick your party up to the most memorable of the season. Personally, My favorite is the Delta- 8 Tropic Thunder. Chili, sea salt and fruity deliciousness, paired with that drink above!? Yes, please. But hey, what do I know, I just throw great parties.

 Overall This time of year is meant for the masses to kick off the holiday season with some good scares and yummy treats. I wish you all the oo's and eek’s this year and if you try any of these out tag us on Instagram!

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