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Health And Wellness Is Found At Green Garden Gold

Support your health with CBD tinctures from Green Garden Gold. Our hemp-extracted CBD products promote everyday wellness so you can continue to do what you love. From immune and brain support to emotional wellness, Green Garden Gold has a solution for you.
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The Benefits Of CBD Oils From Green Garden Gold

  • Rapid absorption
  • Great-tasting flavors
  • Easy to take
  • Many potency varieties

Experience High-Quality CBD Oil

It’s no secret that the CBD industry comes with its fair share of lemons in a wildly unregulated space. That is certainly not the case with Green Garden Gold. Transparency is at our core — when you click on any of our CBD products, the Certificate Of Analysis (COA) follows. Here you are able to browse each flavor along with its third-party tested cannabinoid profile. Hassle-free. No gimmicks. Complete trust and confidence in our products. Green Garden Gold crafts each batch of our CBD tinctures with ingredients that only elevate your health — our hemp is domestically grown and certified organic, along with a myriad of other ingredients that you can pronounce and are familiar with. Live the life you want — get support to do so from Green Garden Gold’s CBD oils!

Why Use A CBD Oil?

While there are many forms to take CBD products, CBD oils remain one of the most common to do so. CBD oils are easy to take and great for on-the-go support, making them a popular and effective choice.

CBD oils have a fast absorption rate.

Because CBD tinctures are liquid, this makes their absorption rate or bioavailability enhanced. Even better is when you place the CBD oil under the tongue — the most vascular region in the mouth — here it absorbs directly into the bloodstream, providing accelerated support.

Fats improve the absorption of CBD.

Blending our CBD oils with hemp seed oil or MCT coconut oil was intentional and by design — fats help cannabinoids absorb more efficiently because they are fat-soluble.

Invest In Your Health With CBD Oil From Green Garden Gold

Are you canna-curious? Green Garden Gold carries a broad collection of CBD oils that support your health. Use them daily (like a multivitamin) or acutely when you’re experiencing discomfort (achy joints, sleeplessness, etc.).
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