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CBD Support For Our Four-Legged Friends

Even our pets can benefit from CBD! Green Garden Gold has created CBD products with our expertly formulated hemp-derived CBD that promotes health and wellness in our pets so they can live happy and healthy lives while feeling their best.
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How Can I Incorporate CBD For My Pet?

  • Daily use
  • Senior animals
  • Animals with physical health challenges
  • Animals with behavior/emotional challenges

CBD Is Great For Animals

Did you know that not only do humans have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), but all vertebrates and invertebrates also have one? This means that your furry best friends can reap all the benefits of CBD that humans do, in a variety of products from Green Garden Gold. Green Garden Gold’s pet CBD products were designed with them in mind. Animals face many of the same health challenges that their human companions do — joint and muscle pain, sleep issues, brain and nervous system concerns, stress and anxiety — so they often need support to live their best lives, and CBD is the perfect remedy.

What Animals Do Well With CBD?

The great news about CBD for pets is that all pets can benefit from supplementing with CBD. CBD can be used for daily maintenance — like a multivitamin — or as needed for both chronic and acute health challenges that your pet is facing. Green Garden Gold has formulated a variety of tasty CBD treats and a CBD tincture for pets to help them live their best lives. CBD can be used with senior dogs as they combat the effects of aging, with animals who have hip and joint pain, or for dogs that are stressed or anxious.

CBD Pet Products From Green Garden Gold

The CBD pet products we currently offer were created with dogs in mind. We have an assortment of CBD treats that dogs love that also contain a controlled dose — 2 mg per treat — so you can feel confident about what you’re giving your pet, and know that they’ll be happier and healthy with it. From tasty beef CBD treats and a specially crafted joint formula to gluten-free treats and CBD oil for dogs, we have an unrivaled collection of CBD pet products that support their health.

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CBD can easily be included in your pet’s daily routine through our variety of CBD treats and CBD tinctures! Now your pets can enjoy the same benefits of our hemp-derived CBD in functional formulas that support muscles and joints, behavior issues, and more.
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