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CBD & Insomnia

CBD Hemp Extract & Insomnia: Dreaming of Sleep

Have you ever been so excited for an event, A wedding, a party, Christmas perhaps, that you just couldn’t sleep? Have you ever been so stressed out about a presentation, or maybe a test, that you couldn’t get to sleep? Finally dozing off after many stressed filled hours, just to be rudely woken up by an alarm, seemingly mere moments after you drifted off to dreamland? Now, imagine this happening almost every night for some period in your life. This is the reality for people suffering from chronic sleeplessness, also known as insomnia. My personal struggle with insomnia is real

CBD & Workouts

CBD & Workouts: New Year Resolutions

Yup, I’m overweight. Not obese, at least not yet, but definitely overweight. So like a few billion others, I keep telling myself, “I can lose the weight if I really wanted to, or if I really tried”. I’ve been putting it off for years and now my health is at risk. It’s interesting (in a terrifying, looming threat sort of way) how much weight control problems affect the whole system. Headaches, blood pressure, breathing, chest pains, heartburns, back pain; and that’s just for me. I hear horror stories, most from my doom loving doctor, about how failure to control my

Terpene Profiles

Terpene Profiles & CBD: Food For Thought

By now many people, likely yourself included, have heard of the entourage effect and the benefits of specific terpene combinations from cannabis that will elicit a desired effect. With five seconds on Google you will find thousands of very technical details laying out the science and proof of these effects, and how they are tremendously helpful in fighting anxiety, stress, and a myriad of other problems. Many blogs, social influencers, and web articles try to sound as technical as possible to give credibility to their statements, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the science of it all. You’ve

Preparing Delicious Food With CBD

CBD has been the all the rage lately – we give it to our pets, our kids, and ourselves to solve a myriad of different issues, and it seems to be the cream of the crop (the hemp crop, that is). It’s also the next Superfood. Move over, Açaí and avocado! CBD is here to stay. CBD comes from Hemp (and Marijuana, but that’s a whole other subject, that I’ll get to another day), and Hemp seeds are already widely regarded as a popular superfood due to their damn near perfect balance of nutrients. Seriously, these things are LOADED with

Vaping CBD: Its Value & Avoiding Health Risks

Vaping CBD: Its Value & Avoiding Health Risks

The CBD vaping industry has grown incredibly huge in just the last few years, and is predicted to continue to grow by 35% each year through 2020. If you are currently taking CBD oil sublingually, or utilizing CBD oil capsules, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. The primary reason for the popularity of CBD vaping is the method’s level of efficacy. Michelle Peace, a vaping expert and toxicologist at Virginia Commonwealth University, explained that whenever someone inhales CBD as opposed to digesting it, the efficiency in which the CBD gets into the system and becomes active

Stress, Why It Matters and CBD

Stress, Why It Matters & CBD

“How stressed am I, from day to day?” The purpose for this week’s poll (click here to participate) isn’t about determining whose got it worse, or some weird self-pitying competition. It’s an opportunity to face the reality many of us have chosen to ignore, either out of convenience or necessity. According to research from polls and studies, Americans rarely acknowledge the stress we are feeling until physical symptoms surface. Even still, unless these symptoms directly interfere with our day to day lives, we usually ignore these signals and push on. Got No Time For Problems “What else can we do?”