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The Green Garden Gold experience doesn't start and end at purchase. Our customers are joining a community filled with people trying to overcome a difficult challenges. The struggle may be dealing with chronic pain, arthritis, cancer recovery, stress, or even mood disorders. Our community is unique because we share our stories with each other so others in simillar situations can find hope, and a friend.

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The Gold Standard

Our CBD products are top quality. Green Garden Gold is unique in that we provide documentation on all our products, from start to finish. USDA certifed organic hemp grown in Colorado, and products that are manufactured in FDA registered facilties. Also, we use third party laboratores and share those results so you know you're getting the best CBD products available.

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Customer Satisfaction

Green Garden Gold offers a 30 day money back gaurantee on all its products purchased online. If the product displeases you, we refund your order. If the product doesn't help the problem or issue you bought it for, we refund your order. However, it may surprise you to learn we have a return rate of only .0012, which means for every 10,000 orders we only get 12 that ask for a refund.

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All Things CBD

When you look at Green Garden Gold's product selection, you quickly see we have an amazingly wide selection of products. From pets to joints, weight control to cosmetics, Green Garden Gold has successfully created a range of products that rivals any catalog. We use feedback from our customers to determine what new product we develop next.

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