CBD oil for dogs

Benefits of CBD Oil Products

Benefits of CBD Oil Products

You have some things in your life that are holding you back, right? We all have them. Unfortunately, we can’t help with paying off credit cards or getting that promotion at work, but we can help your body find relief from chronic pain, depression, and even cancer treatment. How is that possible? Green Garden Gold… read more

CBD For Pain

CBD for pain relief

It’s time to ditch the ibuprofen and add CBD into your daily routine. Whether you suffer from chronic pain due to any variety of condition, or you simply have over-exerted yourself in an activity, you probably have turned to topical pain relievers or pain medication for particularly sore spots in the past. Your pain was… read more

A Guide To CBD Oil Dosage

Guide to CBD Dosage

Since CBD is a concept that is relatively new to the vast majority of the world, it can be difficult to navigate the dosage specifications for your certain purpose and needs. It can be a struggle determining the “sweet spot” is that gives you the benefits you are looking for without overdoing it. Although, at… read more

FDA Committee Recommends Approving CBD For Epilepsy

FDA CBD for Epilepsy

This past Thursday, April 19th, a milestone in both the world of medicine and cannabis occurred as federal advisors on the panel for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pushed for the approval of the first prescription cannabidiol (CBD) medicine. The prescription would be for treating rare and severe forms of epilepsy. The advisory committee… read more