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VG Blended CBD Oils

(80 customer reviews)


CBD Oils – VG Blended

Contains Less than  0.01% THC, NON-Detectable amounts 
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At Green Garden Gold, all of our CBD products feature USDA certified organic Colorado hemp extract through CO2 extraction. This product features CBD hemp extract blended with vegetable glycerine and natural flavoring for the most enjoyable experience. Use sublingually(under your tongue) or vape this oil for quick effect. Learn about vaping CBD hemp extracts from articles on our Blog.

Buy our VG Blended CBD Oils with its 4 sizes, three dosage strengths, and varying flavor choices! Watch our quick introductory video of this incredible Green Garden Gold product!

Guide To taking CBD: Dosage & Instructions



Experience the greatness of mother nature with our all natural CBD hemp oil.

Green Garden Golds™ Full Spectrum CBD Oil Benefits:

  • Contains all the benefits of organic hemp extracted CBD.
  • Great for after strenuous exercise to aid workout recovery
  • Our CBD oil can be consumed or vaped due to its vegetable glycerin and hemp oil makeup.
  • Our CBD oil is cultivated from the finest natural hemp grown in Colorado, USDA certified organic.
  • It is the highest quality of full spectrum hemp extracted CBD, packed with terpenes, phytochemicals, and is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9.
  • Our CBD hemp extract provides the full entourage effect, allowing our CBD products to effectively bind to your CB1 and CB2 receptors within the endocannabinoid system.


It is best your CBD oil be kept refrigerated if room temperature is above 75 degrees, but it is not required. The dosage amount can vary depending on your CBD needs. Most users swallow 15 drops in each use or more, as desired. The amount of full spectrum hemp extract oil taken on a daily basis can vary greatly. It can be taken anytime day or night, but preferably after a meal. These CBD oil drops can be taken directly or mixed into your favorite beverage, like a smoothie. The taste is naturally strong, so if you find you don’t prefer it, we recommend you try our CBD capsules. Our hemp oil is safe for vaping too being composed of its composition of vegetable glycerin infused with CBD hemp oil.

Note to our customers:

Consult your doctor or a licensed physician before taking any new dietary supplements. Use is intended for 18 years or older.

Product Description

  • 1 fl oz / 30ml glass tincture (1000mg)
  • .5 fl oz / 15 ml glass tincture (100mg-500mg)
  • CBD included – 1000mg, 500mg, 300mg, & 100mg tinctures
  • Organic hemp CO2 extracted
  • Phytomolecules
  • Terpenes
  • Amino acids
  • Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin Oil, hemp extracted CBD

View Certificate of Analysis 1000mg & 500mg (same dosage/serving)

 View Certificate of Analysis 300mg        View Certificate of Analysis 100mg

Additional information

Weight 11.2 oz
Choose MG Strength

1000mg/33mg per serving, 500mg/33mg per serving, 300mg/20mg per serving, 100mg/7mg per serving

Choose Flavor

Banana Cream Pie, Berry, Blueberry, Chocolate Mint, Cinnamint, Green Apple, Regular, Strawberry

80 reviews for VG Blended CBD Oils

  1. Jonathan


    Just started im hoping this helps and i didn’t waste alot of money for no results

    • Jonathan

      Will Workman

      Thank you for taking the leap of faith and trying our products. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so rest assured that if the results do not meet your standards, you may request a full refund!

  2. Jonathan

    John Scelzi

    Great cbd products for vaping an more

  3. Jonathan


    My PMR physician suggested I try CBD oil for my chronic DJD and try to lower my use of opioids. I was taking 3 vicodin a day, sometimes more on bad days. I tried the tincture at night for not only my DJD, but also chronic insomnia and chronic migraines. After one week, I had no headaches (unbelievable!), I actually slept more than I have in all my life, and my joints don’t hurt as bad. I’ve been on the tincture at night, 2 gummies in the AM and the Polar X on my joints before I get dressed in the morning. It’s been 3 weeks and I’m down to 1 vicodin a day, some days – none at all. I would rather be on this the rest of my life than opioids! The only bad thing is the taste… no getting around the taste of hemp! Even with the flavoring. But I’ve gotten used to it, and it’s not so bad now. I love, love, love this product and will be a customer for life – if the government keeps their nose out of it!

  4. Jonathan


    I have yet to find another manufacturer that provides a higher quality product at a better price point. GGG’s CO2 extraction process and all-inclusive full spectrum cannabinoids combined with a plentiful amount of terpenes allow the user to experience the “entourage” effect and maximize the benefits from this product. Highly recommended.

  5. Jonathan


    A life changer! Have had chronic kidney pain due kidney stones for 30 years. This has helped the pain and helps me sleep at night. Wish I could have done this years ago.

  6. Jonathan

    Megan G.

    This specific product has help tremendously with my anxiety. Mine is hormonally triggered so they wanted me to treat with birth control but that was always a gamble as to whether or not I would get better or worse. I could be in the middle of a full blown panic attack and when I take this, within 5-10 minutes I feel calm and can process things normally thereafter. I use the 33mg dose (in the 500mg bottle or 1000mg bottle). I would honestly recommend it to anyone. I’m sure it effects everyone differently, but it is absolutely worth trying. I have chronic pain as well which it hasn’t been quite as effective for but it does help and I have only been using it regularly for a couple of weeks. It gets five stars regardless because I have been on tramadol for 5 years and I am finally in a place where it’s not necessary anymore. Do I still feel pain? Yes. But is it a livable and manageable pain? Absolutely. I count that as a win.

    • Jonathan

      Will Workman

      Thank you Megan, and I am glad our product has been able to enact a positive change in your life.

  7. Jonathan


    We use this for my son with severe autism. He sometimes has anxiety issues that present as aggression, this oil has been fantastic. Ten minutes after getting the oil he calms right down, he even grabs the dropper to make sure he gets every drop. We tried oil from a local shop and it wasn’t effective at all. We’ll stick with what we know works from now on.

  8. Jonathan


    I was on opioids for 8 years for chronic pain from a stroke that left me with migraines this the only thing that stops them within 30 minutes

  9. Jonathan


    This was the first VG oil I used, and a great way to learn about the way CBD can help with arthritis symptoms. Really works good!

  10. Jonathan


    I’ve been using for several months now, and I am calmer, and my arthritis pain has lessened to the point that I am no longer taking my prescription meds, no longer needed!

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