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Good Day CBD Salve

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Same great recipe, lower price, & now with twice the CBD! 

ONLY $29.99

Our Good Day Salve has been a long time favorite for our customers, and now we have created a stronger version of this same great product, now with 150mg of CBD instead of 75mg of CBD infused within it! This salve is available now!

CBD Pain Topicals – HumanoFlow 150mg CBD Infused Salve

Our Green Garden Gold CBD salve features 75mg of organic hemp CO2 extracted CBD and feels amazing where applied. Simply apply to the desired area of the body and let the magic happen. With 100 percent coconut oil, natural beeswax, and vanilla, it’s great for your skin too. Order yours today!


note* the Good Day Salve is currently out of stock, and has been discontinued. Go to new product page for improved version.

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Part of our CBD Muscles & Joint Rubs product line, this new CBD salve with 150mg of hemp extracted CBD feels amazing when applied.

Green Garden Gold’s HumanoFlow CBD Oil Salve Benefits:

  • Part of our CBD Muscles & Joint Rubs product line, it’s compatible with any and all other Green Garden Gold products.
  • Our Green Garden Gold CBD salve features 150mg of organic hemp CO2 extracted CBD.
  • With 100 percent coconut oil, natural beeswax, and vanilla, it’s great for your skin too.

Directions: Simply apply to the desired area of the body and let the magic happen.

CBD Salve Product Description

  • 2 oz jar of CBD salve
  • CBD included – 150mg
  • Phytomolecules
  • USDA Certified Organic hemp CO2 extracted
  • Vanilla-scented
  • Amino acids, sugars, vitamins, pigments
  • Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, organic bee’s wax, organic natural vanilla, hemp extracted CBD.

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Additional information

Weight 4 oz

24 reviews for Good Day CBD Salve

  1. Green Garden Gold

    James Green

    I have the same complaint that a previous user had. It is like paraffin in the jar, impossible to use as a salve. Maybe if it was packaged as a solid deodorant instead of in a jar it might be useful. I tried warm water but that didn’t soften it at all.

  2. Green Garden Gold


    this product works great… I do have to scrape it out of the jar with my thumb, nail side up, to get it out, but as soon as it is in my hands it warms up and is easily massaged in.

  3. Green Garden Gold

    Jennifer Kraus

    … Didn’t think it would work highly recommend. … So impressed

  4. Green Garden Gold


    I honestly love this salve, my friend actually introduced me to the product.

    And when I tell you this salve smells absolutely amazing… then I am telling you the truth
    the vanilla scent is amazing 🙂

  5. Green Garden Gold


    I bought this and use it for arthritis in my hands. I am now able to play my guitar comfortably, which is such a blessing!! Thank you!!

  6. Green Garden Gold

    Jennifer Hazzard

    I baught this for my mom for Christmas and she suffers from severe rheumatoid arthritis. She was very doubtfull at first sense nothing has ever helped her. She also does alot of crocheting which cause her hands to swell up and add intense horrible pan. Apon using this product she said within minutes the swelling she had went down and the pain she had was barely noticble. No other products have ever helped her before but apon using this she had found the best relief she ever could. And better yet we had a freind of there’s over that complained of horrible back pain and knee pain. We asked him to try it and when we asked him about an hour later how he felt he said he didn’t really feel the pain anymore. I’d say hands down best stuff ever 🙂

  7. Green Garden Gold


    I was in a 50mph head-on collision last year… I use on my knee and neck, my wrists and I rub on my scars from surgeries. I have bought for my sister that was also in car accident, my aunt that has arthritis, my little sister that has carpal tunnel and my dad that has had many surgeries and aches and pains. Everyone loves it and it smells really good. I even put in a smaller container when I travelled on airplane so I could carry-on with me. I don’t take pain medication and very limited otc like tylenol, advil etc., because I had a ruptured intestine and need to be cautious with medicine, I love that this is topical and makes my day so much better and I use before sleeping too. Awesome stuff… Thank you!

  8. Green Garden Gold

    alejandro tovar

    Thank you for such a good product, I have had several accidents and my back is in pain, I use this cream at night and really works great, I can rest and feel me better in the morning.

  9. Green Garden Gold


    I purchased this at a vap shop, I have arthritis and knee pain. I have been using this for 3 weeks and WOW it has really helped, not to mention the cuts and scraps here and there heal like crazy fast. Fantastic product and the fragrance is wonderful!!

  10. Green Garden Gold


    I have fibro I love this stuff without it I can not move my wrist without pain. It helps to shut off all my worries at bedtime. I was not a believe in the stuff when a friend gave it to me. I refused to use it because I thought it was illegal, but though studying online I learned that there was no THC in it, now can’t live without it. Try it write a review so I know I am not the only one.

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