CBD Wildflower Honey 200mg

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Naturally Sweet Made Sweeter With CBD

Contains NO THC, 0.0%

Honey is the premium choice for making drinks and foods sweeter. Honey makes just about everything tastier, and less worrisome than sugar additives.  We are proud to release our Organic Wildflower Honey infused with 200mg CBD. Want to add some CBD into your lunch’s Peanut Butter & Honey sandwiches? Done. Want to add some tasty honey to your tea that has some CBD? Done. For home made bread lovers you can even add to your bread dough! So many applications, it’s no wonder that they are flying off shelves as fast as we can make these delightful bears filled with all organic honey and CBD! Order yours today.

Ingredients: organic honey, hemp extracted CBD from isolate.


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Weight 13 oz

3 reviews for CBD Wildflower Honey 200mg

  1. Jonathan

    Randy Hays

    Best CBD honey I have tried. A teaspoon a day will keep allergies at bay. Adding CBD to it only seems natural. Does it taste as good as ur favorite local honey? Probably not but it makes u feel better plus the taste of GGG Honey w CBD reminds u that its legit. Great stuff. Love the Polar Ice too.

  2. Jonathan


    I tried this out in some sleepytime tea and slept like a baby afterwards. Tastes great, no “hempy” aftertaste that you get with some CBD products. Would recommend to anyone who has trouble sleeping or suffers from anxiety.

  3. Jonathan


    so glad you guys started selling this online. been a customer a long time, I had requested this product months ago. been wanting a way to just add cbd to my teas. I drink about 2-3 cups of tea per day, and I put this honey in most of them. looks like it will take me a little over a month to go through this jar, and I’m generous with the amount of honey I use. Great product!

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