CBD’s Parent

CBG is short for cannabigerol. CBG is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, which has a long history of medicinal use. At Green Garden Gold, our CBG is derived directly from the hemp plant to ensure that no THC is harvested. THC is the chemical compound found in marijuana which leads to the feeling of being “high”. CBG is also found in marijuana, but the component itself does not cause the “high” or intoxication that THC can. Research supports the claim that consuming CBG is not harmful in any way. Instead, CBG often provides benefits for consumers’ well-being, including pain relief and reduction of swelling.

Understanding CBG

CBG, known as the “Mother of All Cannabinoids”, is the parent of CBD, CBC, CBN, and THC. CBG not only may provide potential health benefits to the endocannabinoid system but to the central nervous system as well — without causing a high. There are many similarities between these two cannabinoids. Studies have shown that both cannabis compounds have the potential to treat various medical conditions without the negative side effects sometimes caused by pharmaceutical medicine.
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The CB1 Receptor

CBG does not make you “high.” While the CB1 receptor perfectly binds to THC, which causes the feeling of being high when THC is consumed, CBG does not share this perfect bind. CBG is similar to CBD in that both have a different chemical makeup than THC and do not perfectly fit into your CB1 receptors. This means that CBG does not cause the feeling of being “high.” However, CBG does bind to other parts of the endocannabinoid system and can impact consumers in other ways that may provide potential medical benefits.

What Happens if You Consume CBG and CBD At the Same Time?

When we consume CBG and CBD, our bodies take in hundreds of cannabinoids. Each one of these cannabinoids activates with unique effects and benefits. Their behavior may change in the presence and mixture of other compounds. This is called the “entourage effect.” Essentially, the effects of hemp extract are strongest when they are taken together. When individual elements are isolated, the benefits are weakened. When CBG and CBD are consumed in tandem, the benefits become more tangible. Both CBG and CBD compounds have similar benefits. For example, they are both known to have antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties, among many others.
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CBG Benefits

As mentioned above, CBG has antidepressant properties which may help with anxiety and depression. CBG is also known to be a natural option for treating conditions such as:
  • Neurodegeneration — CBG is being closely studied for its ability to combat Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Glaucoma — CBG may help reduce intraocular pressure.
  • Some Types of Cancer — Help reduce the size of tumors
  • Bladder disorders — Influence the bladder to decrease the frequency of contractions
  • Appetite disorders — The components affected by the CBG molecule activate appetite compounds
  • Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS) — Its anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce IBS.
  • Eczema and psoriasis — As mentioned previously, CBG owns anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce the onset of Eczema and psoriasis symptoms.
CBD and CBG have markedly similar benefits, yet they are not exactly alike in application. CBG has a different chemical makeup than CBD, and is therefore often used as an alternative to CBD in some cases. While consuming CBG or CBD does not guarantee these benefits, they have provided a natural alternative for thousands seeking tangible relief.

Is CBG Safe?

CBG is completely safe. It is a nonpsychoactive compound and does not intoxicate you in any way, unlike THC. CBG is safe to consume when sourced from a reliable CBG store and consumed in reasonable doses. It is recommended you start with no more than 30mg per day. Consult your physician if you have particular medical concerns. For our part at Green Garden Gold, we are a certified and regulated CBG retailer. Green Garden Gold has an in-depth and rigorous hemp-extraction process to make sure that we provide the purest and cleanest CBG products possible. While research on the side effects of CBG is still underway, the current indicators are encouraging. Studies have noted its low toxicity with no significant side effects observed when taken in normal doses.
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Is CBG Legal?

CBG is legal in all 50 states, thanks to the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, also known as the “Farm Bill.” The Farm Bill also created regulations for hemp farmers: as long as the hemp is produced in a manner consistent with the Farm Bill, federal regulations, state regulations, and is farmed by a licensed hemp grower, all practices are lawful. We at Green Garden Gold take pride in our work — the farmers we partner with plant and grow all our CBG products legally and ethically to deliver absolute quality for our customers.

Ways to Consume CBG

Just like CBD products, there are a variety of ways people consume CBG. Green Garden Gold provides a range of high-quality CBG products that may provide powerful benefits for your general well being, regardless of how you prefer to take them.


Remember the entourage effect discussed above? With our half CBG half CBD oil blend, you can experience exactly that. Simply put the desired amount of droplets underneath your tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. You may notice the effect between 30 minutes to an hour after it’s been consumed. 

CBG Edibles

CBG edibles represent one of the most convenient methods of taking CBG. While they take roughly the same amount of time to activate as a CBG oil, you can eat them on the go or whenever you please! Not to mention, our CBG gummies taste delicious.   As research progresses and the industry discovers more about CBG, we will have even more products available at our online store.
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Try Out Our CBG

CBG is completely safe and has been beneficial to thousands of people around the United States. While we have a limited number of CBG products on offer at the moment, we plan on bringing in a more diverse selection of our pure, clean CBG products in the near future. So if you are experiencing any of the symptoms that CBG may help alleviate, it’s time to try it for yourself! If you have any other questions about our products or our company, don’t be afraid to keep browsing our detailed FAQ page, or contact us here! We’d love to hear from you.
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