Does the Method of Taking CBD Matter?

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The Many Ways of Taking CBD

CBD has been in the cannabis industry for a significant amount of time now, and users are able to consume it in a variety of ways. The questions at hand become, which one is right for you? Does the method of taking CBD matter in the first place? Keeping in mind that CBD’s primary goal is to improve general wellness, the ideal method of consumption is partially based on personal preference. However, different methods of consumption can contribute to a range of results, which we at Green Garden Gold will explain in greater detail below. But first, let’s clarify what CBD can do to improve your general wellness.

CBD Benefits

Research has shown that CBD can be a healthy, natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. CBD has been effective for thousands of Americans with difficult medical conditions.  

CBD Benefits include:

  • Relief in anxiety and depression — Research has shown that CBD has natural antidepressant properties.
  • Pain relief — Many people use CBD for relief with joint pain and muscle soreness.
  • Inflammatory relief — CBD has been used to help treat inflammatory conditions like eczema.
  • Many more!
One of the industry’s most significant discoveries is CBD’s effectiveness for some people with epilepsy. Research has shown that CBD can help decrease the number of seizures or, in some cases, stop them altogether.
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Ways to Consume CBD and How They Work

At Green Garden Gold, we have a vast selection of CBD products. Each product is consumed differently, providing a unique effect on medical conditions of a wide variety. 
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CBD Oils

CBD oil was one of the first CBD products that came into the market, making it among the most popular ways to consume CBD. With our oils, apply roughly half a dropper full of oil underneath your tongue and wait at least 30 seconds before swallowing. The amount taken is left to your discretion, as everyone reacts to CBD uniquely. Check out all our CBD oils as we have a diverse selection with a variety of flavors and strengths. Satisfied customers have said they help users fall asleep, stay asleep, relieve pain, and calm anxiety.
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CBD Capsules

Our CBD capsules are packed with CBD and come in a range of formulas with unique purposes. We offer:
  • Full-spectrum capsules — For general use.  
  • Night repair — Fall and stay asleep. 
  • Joint formula — Relief for those who suffer from joint pain. 
CBD capsules take longer to work because they need the time to travel through the body’s system. Reviewers from our customers report that the product helped them get to sleep, provided pain relief, and calmed anxiety.
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CBD Topicals

We carry topicals that include our CBD gel, facial serum, and patches. Our CBD salve and CBD gel are typically used to relieve joint pain, inflammation, and sore muscles. To experience these benefits, apply a dime-sized dab and rub on the affected area. Users typically feel results within minutes. We also offer our patches, which are used in a similar way as the salve and gel, except that the patch is directly applied on the affected area. Our facial serum consists of an infusion of liposomal technology and our hemp-extracted CBD. The serum is specifically formulated to keep your face moisturized, smooth, and can even prevent wrinkles.
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CBD Edibles

CBD edibles have the reputation of being the easiest (and tastiest) way of taking CBD. Consuming CBD edibles is both enjoyable and convenient, making it a go-to for anyone with a fast-paced lifestyle. All you have to do is eat them to experience the same wonderful benefits you’d receive from taking CBD oils and other topicals! Keep in mind that it can take an hour or two for the edibles to take effect. Green Garden Gold offers delicious gummies and a refreshing, cool-mint flavored CBD gum.
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CBD Isolates

Green Garden Gold’s isolate is a CBD powder that you can mix into virtually anything! Mix it in your smoothies, soup, or whatever your stomach desires. Our isolate is odorless and tasteless, so you don’t have to worry about it overpowering the other flavors in your drink of choice. Whichever way you go, you can be confident that our CBD isolate product is formulated to target pain and provide joint relief.
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Dogs Taking CBD

CBD is entirely safe for your pet, as long as it comes from a reliable, legal, and certified CBD distributor such as Green Garden Gold. The CBD benefits for pets are similar to that of humans. Many dog owners provide CBD to their dogs to relieve joint pain and to calm their anxiety. We have a few products on offer for pups, including a diverse selection of doggie treats and CBD oil.
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Taking CBG and Its Benefits

Green Garden Gold also offers CBG products. CBG is similar to CBD and is known as the “mother of all cannabinoids”, as it is known to be highly effective. CBG is entirely safe and is without THC components, which are the active chemicals in marijuana. The first product we offer is a half CBD, half CBG oil that causes the “entourage effect.” The entourage effect is when two or more cannabinoids are mixed, thereby enhancing the benefits of each. We also have CBG Gummies that provide similar benefits as CBG oil. Our CBG Gummies will supercharge your endocannabinoid system (ECS), and come in four delicious flavors.
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We’re Here For You

At Green Garden Gold, we take pride in supporting the health and wellness of our customers. We are a leading producer of the highest quality hemp oil, working directly with best-in-class farm growers to ensure absolute quality. Everything purchased through Green Garden Gold is clean, safe, and handled properly to ensure your product is of the highest standard. While CBD and CBG do not come with guaranteed benefits, we ask that you read our reviews to see the success stories for yourself! Now that you have an understanding of CBD products and how to take them, browse our online store and find those that are right for you. If you have any questions or would like further details about our products, please contact us at your convenience!
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