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CBD Stories. Real People, Real Stories.

We Want To Hear YOUR Story!

How have Green Garden Gold products impacted your life? Share with us a quick video and/or post!

Submit Your 30sec – 1min Video Below and Earn 2000 Loyalty Reward Points!

Or if you’re camera shy, you can write your story (under 500 words) and earn 750 Loyalty Reward Points. Just email your story to “info@greengardengold.com”

How To Submit Your Video CBD Story:

  1. Log into your Green Garden Gold account (So we know who is talking!)
  2. In your video story, give just your first name, or initials only. Or if you wish to keep your name to yourself, you can just say, “Hi, I’m a Green Garden Gold customer and…”
  3. Share briefly how you heard about us.
  4. Share briefly why you started taking our products, and which products you use.
  5. Share if our products have been helpful or not.
  6. That’s it! Submit your video!

Within a few days your video or story will be reviewed for inappropriate content, and compressed for size. Once your video or story is approved, we will add reward points to your user account! Thanks for sharing! Check back later and find your video side by side with the others when we launch “CBD Stories”!

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