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The Entourage Effect of CBD Explained

You may have heard about the Entourage Effect here and there, but what it actually is probably seems unclear. Fundamentally, the Entourage Effect is the theory that each individual chemical compound of the cannabis plant has its own dynamic use and/or function, but when those compounds are combined they become exponentially more powerful than they… read more

CBD Pet Products: Countering Anxiety

CBD & Pet Anxiety

Anxiety isn’t just a problem for people, it affects pets as well. Anxiety in dogs shows up differently than in humans, but it is no less serious. Some dogs may exhibit a variety of symptoms, some destructive, and others might have you getting the mop. Many may not be apparent at first, but with time,… read more

Illness & CBD: A Better Way To Live

Let’s not mince words or beat around the bush, living with illness is a trying experience. We try to treat our illness with doctors, and they do the best they can, but the bottom line is there isn’t much they can do about removing or curing the illness. Usually the best they can offer are… read more