CBD Store

This category focuses on CBD stores and what all they provide to you, the consumer. The topics range from how CBD stores collect and process CBD into a wide variety of products to new developments within the industry for CBD companies. It is not known to many that CBD stores are legal across the country to sell and distribute hemp-based CBD products. Our goal in these blog posts is to build awareness for CBD stores, how they differ from a cannabis dispensary and can be a practical option for everyone’s errand list. Skip the pharmacy drive-thru and check out your local or online CBD store.

Hemp-Derived CBD vs. Cannabis-Derived CBD

Hemp vs Cannabis CBD

As CBD continues to grow in popularity and new CBD stores are popping up on local city streets around the country, more questions are being raised about CBD oil. What makes one CBD store’s products better than others? What makes one type of CBD product different than another type? The most common question by far… read more

Processing Method Of Green Garden Gold’s CBD Products

Green Garden Gold Processing Methods

Cannabidiol (CBD) Processing At Green Garden Gold, we use certified organic hemp that is cultivated and processed according to the highest industry standards. In order to produce the most effective final CBD products, only the finest hemp plants grown without pesticides or GMOs are selected. Broad Spectrum CBD Broad Spectrum = CBD + CBN +… read more