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Bulletproof coffee has been all the rage over the last few years, particularly with the gaining popularity of The Ketogenic Diet. Bulletproof coffee is a fun way of describing high-quality coffee that has been blended with powerful, healthy fats to achieve some great benefits. Some of the benefits include hunger suppression, increased focus, more energy, improving strength, and firing up brainpower with better mental clarity and cognitive function over time with regular use.

What’s not to love about a magical cup of coffee that does all of that?! Add CBD, and you have an unstoppable morning elixir to kick off your day.

    I love this stuff. Seriously, if someone had told me a year ago that I would be drinking coffee with butter and coconut oil instead of cream and sugar, I would’ve laughed them out the door. But alas, here we are. Bulletproof coffee is creamy, dreamy, and tastes amazing. You would never believe that there is no sugar or sweetener in it!

    A few things to note when it comes to bulletproof coffee. You want to start with a high quality coffee, look for one that is organic and well-sourced. Reviews are your friend here. Also, if you think about how it is made, K Cups have exposure to plastic, and are too processed, as is instant coffee. After selecting a great coffee, I like to use a french press to preserve as many of the natural oils in the coffee as possible. However, you don’t need to go out and buy a french press. If you have a good organic coffee, brewing it in the coffee maker is fine.

The butter is another important component.

You want to make sure it is grass-fed, as it will be high in Omega 3’s, as opposed to a less expensive option, which may not have as many Omega 3s. Personally, I have been using ghee (Whole30 life) and will probably continue to do so. It is a clean, clarified, dairy-free version of butter and I have had great success with it.

MCT component

   As for the coconut oil/MCT component of this recipe, you have a couple options. Our MedPac tinctures have MCT blended with them already. So, if you do not have MCT oil, you can simply use our tincture to get your desired dose, and top it off with regular virgin unrefined coconut oil. I do like to add more coconut oil to get some of the antifungal and anti-inflammatory benefits from it. Either way will work, just note that MCT is more concentrated and many consider it more effective in bulletproof coffee. This is why I use a combination of both.

Bulletproof Coffee Ingredients:

8-10oz organic coffee (fresh brewed, still hot)

1-2 dropper fulls of MedPac CBD Tincture (choose your dose, I use about 30mg)

Between 1tsp and 1tbsp MCT or virgin, cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil

1tsp – 2tbsp grass-fed butter (or ghee)

1tsp cinnamon (optional)

Dump it all into a blender and blend away for about 30 seconds until it is frothy and emulsified. Top with cinnamon, and go! I like to use my immersion blender in a pot so as not to dirty a whole blender in the morning. Either way will work fine, the goal is to get the coffee to whip up into a creamy, frothy dream.

    One last thing to note – you will notice that the amounts of oil in the above recipe are quite varied. If your body is not used to ingesting healthy fats, you will want to start slow and work your way up to a higher amount from there. Otherwise, it will go right through you, and that isn’t fun for anyone. Sorry.  

    Since there is a high calorie count from the fats, bulletproof coffee works great as a meal replacement! Intermittent fasters rejoice!

Between the benefits of fat, caffeine, and CBD, you should be set in your new, healthy morning routine. I hope you enjoy kicking this week’s butt with help from your new friend, CBD Bulletproof Coffee! Cheers.

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