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At Green Garden Gold, we use organic hemp that is cultivated and processed in the only FDA registered extraction facility in the US! Going beyond highest industry standards. In order to produce the most effective final CBD products, only the finest hemp plants grown without pesticides or GMOs are selected. 

CO2 Extraction 

To extract our CBD from the hemp plant, we use supercritical CO2 extraction. The process involves bringing CO2 to a low temperature under high pressure, which gives it properties of a liquid and a gas. This allows us to extract only the useful cannabinoids, leaving all of the unwanted compounds like THC behind.

Once the extracted portion is returned to room temperature, all of the CO2 evaporates away and leaves behind only the purest CBD isolates, completely solvent-free. Although it’s not the easiest or most economical procedure, this method is the industry’s best practice for solvent-free extraction to give you the purest final product — much purer than ethanol extraction.

CO2 extraction allows us to fine-tune the extraction of CBD using the process parameters (such as pressure, temperature, and time) to extract specific compounds most efficiently. With an ethanol extraction, it is still possible to use temperature and time to target specific compounds, but the range is very broad and you will still get a lot of other terpenes, waxes, and chlorophyll with your target compound — all of the things that you and we don’t want in our final products! It is a much simpler process using ethanol (if you can use a coffee maker, you can perform an ethanol extraction), but also a much dirtier process, which is why we put in the more arduous work to make sure you’re getting the cleanest and purest CBD in every Green Garden Gold product.


99% Pure Cannabidiol

Our CO2 extraction leaves us with CBD isolate. Simply put, CBD isolate is cannabidiol in its purest form possible. CBD isolate starts out as crystalline solids. These crystalline solids are a fine white powder that contains only the cannabidiol chemical compound. The crystalline CBD is then formulated by our licensed compounding pharmacists into all of our CBD products. We use only high-quality vegetable glycerin and hemp seed oil as a base for all of our products. At Green Garden Gold, we are proud to produce some of the safest, cleanest, and purest CBD extracts available on the market today.

Lab Tested by an Independent Third Party

All row components are lab tested throughout the process, and the final products are lab tested for potency and purity.

With over 20 years of experience, our licensed compounding pharmacists transform these high-quality raw materials into Green Garden Gold finished products.

Raw materials start their journey in the hemp fields of Colorado, make their way to our headquarters in Texas for formulation, and are then shipped to front doors and retail stores across the country as high quality, Green Garden Gold products.

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