Kids All Grown… How About An Adult Easter Egg Hunt!

With Easter comes the opportunity to create lifelong memories with family and friends. Although generally considered a kids' activity, the Easter egg hunt is one of the most exciting traditions of this festival. But there's no reason why grown-ups won't enjoy searching for fun treasures. There are plenty of exciting options to put in eggs to make this beloved custom work for an adult audience. Here are five Adult Easter egg hunt ideas guaranteeing to make your Easter Sunday unique and memorable.

Mini Alcohol Bottles

Want to add a little extra thrill? Mini Alcohol bottles will make for the perfect treasure hidden inside Easter Eggs. You can also be creative about designing games involving alcohol. Instruct the players to grab a cocktail and ask them to take the specific number of sips written in the plastic egg they have found. You can even go one step ahead and include 'Never Have I Ever' prompts in some eggs and ask them to reveal a truth.

Lottery Tickets

Monetize your game by adding some lottery tickets to it. Hide lottery tickets/scratch cards and see the participants run around looking for a chance to win something big. Once the hunt is over, you can sit together and scratch the lottery cards/ tickets to see who is going home richer.

CBD Gummies

Sounds Exciting, right? Take your Easter Egg hunt to next level by hiding CBD gummies in plastic eggs. These delicious and flavorful edibles like candy will give the participants all the benefits of hemp without any intoxicating effects. Not only this but it will also support their overall wellness by relieving pain, and inflammation, and supporting their sleep routine. Moreover, CBD gummies are a great way to experiment with CBD if you aren’t keen on developing the taste of its tincture or smoking it. So, stuff your Easter eggs with these and let your friends celebrate their win by popping taste bud enticing candies.

Delta-8 Gummies

Let your friends unwind this Easter with Delta-8 gummies and make your game a bit sweeter These gummies are more potent than CBD and offer a strong body high with mild to moderate psychoactivity.

Gift Cards

If using cash in eggs seems a bit boring to you, place gift cards inside them. You can buy gift cards either at the store or online. These are an ultimate present option to be used in Easter hunts as you can give them to the ones who you know very well or don't know at all. Hide eggs filled with gift cards and let them get what they really want!

There are several Easter classic traditions but the Egg hunt holds a special place among all. So, whether you are planning a small get-together with family or are going for a larger gathering with friends, the above ideas will help make your preparation vibrant. Now that you know some awesome ideas for the Easter egg hunt, abandon that kid-friendly tradition and alter it with alcohol, CBD gummies, and lottery tickets to make your festivity such that grown-ups will be talking about for years to come. Bring your inner child out this Easter and let your creativity make something joyous for adults too. Go, ahead and plan!

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