Hemp-Derived CBD vs. Cannabis-Derived CBD

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As CBD continues to grow in popularity and new CBD stores are popping up on local city streets around the country, more questions are being raised about CBD oil. What makes one CBD store’s products better than others? What makes one type of CBD product different than another type? The most common question by far though that we have heard at Cultivating News has been, “What is the difference between CBD hemp oil and CBD cannabis oil?”

Let’s get some clarity on this topic by diving into some of the main differences you will find between a hemp oil-based CBD product and a cannabis oil-based CBD product.

To start off, we will go over the basics of the hemp and cannabis plants and where the two differ from one another.


The first major difference between hemp and cannabis is the appearance of these two plants. Cannabis tends to be much shorter and bushier. Hemp, on the other hand, is tall and lengthy like bamboo. Cannabis also tends to have a darker green color with wider, rough-edged leaves. Hemp features a brighter green color with longer, narrower leaves that have smooth edges.


When it comes to cannabis, it’s very difficult to get around the other chemical compound that is more potently present than CBD is within its makeup: THC.


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the chemical that emits the psychoactive effects within our brains when we consume cannabis products. While cannabis-derived CBD is the same chemical compound used in hemp-based CBD products, it is tougher to extract in a pure form.


Most CBD stores that use cannabis for their CBD products still contain significant amounts of the THC compound. If you are looking for the truly full-spectrum effect that gives you the benefits of CBD along with the “high” of THC, then cannabis-derived CBD products are your best bet.


Most CBD users, since they consist of a wide variety of people of all ages, are purchasing products from CBD stores solely for the beneficial properties that CBD can provide them; they don’t want any of the psychoactive effects that come along with cannabis. For these purposes, hemp-extracted CBD oil is the best choice.

THC Content

Recreational and medical marijuana have both become increasingly potent in recent years due to their growing process, where growers are prioritizing THC levels while downplaying CBD levels. This makes sense for them though, as the majority of their product is being used for its psychoactive effects.


In fact, CBD is known to be what counteracts the powerful psychoactive effects of THC in marijuana in order to make the effects relatively enjoyable. Without CBD, people would experience much more of the unpleasant effects from THC — such as anxiety, paranoia, and impaired memory. Check out our previous blog on CBD vs. THC for more helpful information.


Hemp naturally contains very minimal amounts of THC, if any at all, which makes it such a great source for getting high-quality, pure CBD oil. In fact, many growers, such as Green Garden Gold, cultivate their crops to breed the THC compounds out of the plant leaving only the highest quality, pure CBD oil. This leaves you getting the full entourage effect and none of the psychoactive effects. So you can take it at home, at work, or whenever you feel you need it!



The other major and most important difference between these two versions of CBD available today is where they can be legally purchased. Cannabis-based products of all types, including CBD oil products, are only available in states that have legalized them for recreational and/or medical use. On the other hand, hemp-based CBD oil products are available to purchase anywhere in the country! While CBD stores may be more prevalent in the states that do also have legalized cannabis, you can buy hemp-based CBD oil products online from anywhere in the country and have them at your door in a matter of days!


CBD has become a favorite treatment method among many for a variety of chronic conditions. Check out our previous blog post to learn more about the multitude of potential benefits provided by hemp-based CBD oil products.


In summary, while great strides have been made in the attempt to cultivate cannabis with higher concentrations of CBD, the vast majority of CBD consumers opt for the hemp-based CBD oil products from CBD stores that can distribute their products nationwide without any worry for legality issues. Hemp-derived CBD oil is the preferred option for the majority of CBD users because it offers all of the beneficial aspects that have been discovered from marijuana without any of the additional psychoactive side effects.

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