CBD for Muscle Recovery Post Exercise

CBD has been a revelation in the wellness industry that has helped individuals reap a whole host of health benefits. But there's another benefit that you may not have considered and that is its impact on your fitness routine. Let's see how CBD can support your muscle recovery post-exercise. CBD.

Why do you feel sore after a workout?  

Our body burns calories while exercising to fuel energy expenditure and also goes through fluid loss and hormonal changes. This exposes specific muscles to stress which leads to microscopic damage to the muscle fibers. These muscles then become inflamed and hence the soreness and stiffness. Once we are done with a workout session, our body replaces lost energy and repairs damaged muscle fibers. Though most of these repairs are supported by a nutritious diet and quality sleep, CBD can support your muscle recovery to great extent.

1. Aids Sleep

Our body does most of the repairing work while we sleep. That said, poor quality sleep can leave you drained of energy. On the contrary, practicing quality sleep at night contributes to memory formation, muscle recovery, and staves off several diseases.

 CBD, unlike sleeping medications, can help you sleep without any side effects. Its analgesic properties enhance the production of melatonin which allows you to rest better and gives adequate time to muscles to recover. A good night's rest ensures that you wake up energized and undertake your next workout, strengthening your fitness routine further.

2. Reduces Inflammation

Whether you are a novice to exercise or have been doing it for a long, you will find yourself having post-workout soreness, aches, and stiffness as a part of the body's repair response.

 CBD's anti-inflammatory properties facilitate its action on the opioid system and the receptors responsible for pain messages and provide relief from post-workout pain.

3. Supports Emotional Wellbeing 

Wellness isn’t just about staying physically fit. Being mentally fit is equally important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Besides, negative emotional health, increase muscle stress.

 Anecdotal evidence suggests CBD's use in keeping people motivated by bringing overall biological processes to a state of balance. Combined with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, this natural substance regulates mood and improves your emotional wellbeing.


Being non-psychoactive and plant-based, CBD has encouraged many to make it a part of their wellness regime. So, if you are still wondering what CBD can do as a supplement, check out Green Garden Gold and know how this subtle product can help you optimize your workout sessions.

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