CBD & Workouts: New Year Resolutions

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Yup, I’m overweight. Not obese, at least not yet, but definitely overweight. So like a few billion others, I keep telling myself, “I can lose the weight if I really wanted to, or if I really tried”. I’ve been putting it off for years and now my health is at risk. It’s interesting (in a terrifying, looming threat sort of way) how much weight control problems affect the whole system. Headaches, blood pressure, breathing, chest pains, heartburns, back pain; and that’s just for me. I hear horror stories, most from my doom loving doctor, about how failure to control my weight can destroy my body. Not speaking figuratively people, but literally.

So, like probably a billion other people this year, I have made a New Year’s resolution to get to my desired weight by the end of 2019. But, unlike the other billion, I’ve got something quite unique to help me, CBD.

I started working at Green Garden Gold six months ago, and I’ve learned a lot about CBD. It’s truly amazing for pain relief and hundreds of other issues. Working as the Web Master here at Green Garden Gold, I read hundreds of stories from customers and dozens of reviews each month that motivate me in a way no other job has.

CBD’s applications in the nutraceutical and fitness arena are equally impressive.

A CBD Supported Workout

Working out is an important part of successful weight control efforts. For those that are overweight like me, we have to lose the extra weight through diet and exercise until we get to the weight we desire, and then we can maintain that weight with less exercise and a controlled diet. 

Workouts are hard, especially when you haven’t done any for a long time. After that first one hour workout you feel its effects for many days. It’s hard to get motivated to keep to a workout when you are always in pain for days after. That’s where CBD can help. It’s widely supported by testing and studies that CBD helps with inflammation and cellular regeneration. In a word – healing.

Most people have never been to a photo shoot for those muscular and tone fitness models we all desire to look like. If you had, you would’ve noticed weights lying around that aren’t in the photo. The weights are there because the models all do a quick workout right before their photo shoot. Why? It’s because every workout causes microscopic damage to the body’s muscles and tissues, which causes inflammation. Those gorgeous swelling muscles you see in the photos are in fact swollen. It’s this inflammation that triggers the body’s repair processes, allowing tissues to grow back stronger and leaner. It also, obviously, makes your muscles look fantastic.

When you next workout, you will feel that “tightness” around your muscles. Your body is attempting to repair the muscles you just over worked, expending energy and hopefully burning unwanted fat in the process. CBD helps this healing process, by speeding it up. The sooner the muscles heal, the quicker the effects of your workout are felt and seen. Incorporating CBD into your workout recovery can greatly impact your efforts.

The alternative is one we are much more familiar with; sore muscles for days and slow heal times. Trying to force through the pain can also cause too much inflammation and can contribute to excessive muscle damage and poor workout results.

What CBD is the Best Fit to Get Me Fit?

Green Garden Gold has a line of products that help with weight control. Ketones+ is one of these products and specializes in driving the human body into nutritional ketosis. What this means is your body shifts to using fatty acids and ketones as the primary source of fuel instead of carbs and glucose. This allows you to take advantage of all the health benefits of nutritional ketosis; increased mental and physical energy, and a shift in the body’s use of fat as fuel. This means that even if you are not working out, you are essentially burning the fat on your body more effectively. For the first time you can use something without all the unhealthy side effects of diet pills and the like, because the ingredients of Ketones+ are natural, Dairy/Lactose Free, Gluten Free, and Vegan.

Ketones+ also adds CBD into the product, so your muscles and tendons recover from torn and swollen muscles more quickly. You also have the added wellness that CBD provides, making you feel more energetic and healthy.

The IT department here at Green Garden Gold has decided to join together and use our own products for our weight control goals for 2019. We will be having a sale this New Year’s Eve weekend to help everyone else too! This weekend only we will be giving 40% off our Ketones+ and MCT Power+!

Support from close friends or family is also a key factor to success, so get someone to join you! Good luck to all of us!

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