Tips For Adopting a Shelter Dog

Dogs exemplify the role of companion animals like no other species. Their ability and desire to form deep bonds with humans make them extraordinary. While you may get tempted to bring home a pup from a breeder, there are millions of dogs in rescue shelters waiting for a second chance at life. Adopting a pet from a shelter will not make the adopted lucky but will also free up space for another pet who ends up homeless due to several reasons. So, if you have decided to bring home a dog, check out some tips that will help you with your pet's adoption this National Adopt a Shelter Pet day.

1. Put a plan in place

Deciding to get a four-legged companion is the first step in welcoming a new family member. However, you need to put a plan in place for actually getting the pet and make your adoption story successful. Once you have decided which dog/cat to adopt, ask the shelter to provide medical records. Also, choose a vet and schedule a visit within a few days of adoption. Gather supplies of food, leash, food bowls, and bedding. It might be a good idea to start reading a book on how to train your dog if you don't plan to hire a trainer.

 2. Transition to new dog food

Changing a dog's diet instantly can raise gastrointestinal issues. So, if you plan to feed your pooch different food from what was being fed at the shelter, proceed gradually. It will be good to administer shelter food for a week and then start mixing it with new dog food. Decrease the proportion of old food until you have fully switched to the new dog food.

3. Try CBD treats or oil for dogs to help combat anxiety and stress

While bringing your furry friend from a shelter will be a whole new experience for you, your dog is likely to get anxious in the new environment. Your dog will take a few days to get comfortable at home and hence it is essential to maintain a structure and establish clear boundaries to create a smooth transition. You can also try administering CBD treats or oil to dogs to make this transition easy. CBD can help in driving down your dog’s anxious behavior. It manages the dog's response to fear by acting on the molecular pathways of the endocannabinoid system. Ultimately, it calms your dog, making them lively and happy in the long run.

4. Provide enrichment for your new dog

Toys serve as a positive outlet for your dog's energy and will redirect natural chewing behavior from home objects. These toys do not break easily and are not hard enough to damage teeth. So, if you decide to rescue a dog from a shelter, make sure to stock a few toys before your pooch's arrival.

Adopting a dog is a huge commitment and can be overwhelming for first-time pet owners. You should not expect too much from him/her. Remember that these pets come from an unknown background with abandonment and sometimes harsh treatments. So, avoid pestering them for attention and give them space to understand their surroundings.

 Now that you know how to get going for adopting from a shelter, go ahead and plan to bring some awesome benefits to your future dog, dogs yet to be rescued, and of course you!

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