The Opioid Crisis: The Price We Pay

The Opioid Crisis: The Price We Pay

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There are many factors contributing to the enormous growth and fast rising popularity of hemp CBD across the United States. Aside the fact that hemp CBD is not accompanied with the mind-altering compound THC, and along with the apparent lack of reported negative side effects or health consequences, hemp CBD has taken the country by storm partly due to the positive social proof. With millions of users of CBD suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia and a dozen other pain related illnesses, people are sharing their own experiences with CBD and how it has impacted their lives. This being the age of social media, these reviews are being shared by millions and read by millions more.

But why are people reading these reviews, testimonials, and glowing endorsements of CBD? What is driving people to go online and type in their search engine the words “alternative pain relief”? An easy argument is that one of the largest contributing factors to this surge is the ongoing opioid epidemic.

The Opioid Crisis Explained

Put frankly, people are sick of prescription pain medicine. People are sick of the side effects, sick of switching to a new pain prescription every few months because their bodies build up a tolerance to it, and sick of the pharmacy taking all their money. Still, that isn’t what bothers people the most. Addiction and overdose takes the jackpot for being the number one issue people are sick of, and as a society we hate all the overdoses these addictions have been responsible for. From 1999 to 2017, the number of people reported to have died in the United Sates from overdoses related to prescription opioid are nearly a quarter of a million. Sadly, the growth is not linear. 2017 had five times as many as 1999.

When people throw around the term “opioid crisis” or “opioid epidemic”, they are referring to the rapidly increasing use of prescription & recreational (non-prescription) opioid drugs since the late 90s and the overdoses that have accompanied these deaths.

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A common and callous misconception is that these overdoses involve mostly criminals using these drugs illegally under bridges and overpasses. This isn’t the case. It involves regular people who were prescribed the painkillers lawfully and legally by their doctor. Over time they take more and more because of tolerance build up and eventually the amount they have to take to feel relief has become toxic. An oversimplified scenario, but the most commonly reported. For those who have had, or still have, loved ones who have been on prescription pain killers for a long time have seen this first hand. They’ve seen the desperation these loved ones feel as they battle the addiction they weren’t expecting. They’ve seen the hopelessness and continued stress as the pain returns and becomes all consuming and impossible to just “tough out”.

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The Switch

All of these feelings I’ve described drive people to seek out alternatives. Many people that eventually try CBD have begun to lose hope that anything can bring the relief they seek. One of the things I enjoy most working with Green Garden Gold is the sheer number of people whose expectations are returned several times over. I’ve also learned that what many critics or one time users of CBD failed to understand is that CBD is a cumulative approach to pain relief. It isn’t an opioid that you take and immediately feel something as the chemicals overwhelm your body. Rather, as you continue to use and ingest the CBD as part of a daily regimen, the CBD begins to accumulate within you and the effects will become apparent for most within six to nine days.


The Author’s Challenge

“The absence of outcry is the greatest endorsement a man can receive.” A saying my grandfather liked to tease my grandma with in regards to her nagging him, but it applies to customer reviews and critics as well. It is truly a challenge to find any significant amount of people that have had a negative experience with CBD. For those with negative experiences, it usually involves not giving the CBD enough time to accumulate or they were not taking the appropriate amount needed, or they had not bought the product from a reputable supplier. I would challenge those reading this article to go out and find the reported negative side effects of hemp CBD and compare them to the very easily found negative effects you can find with opioid prescription drugs. Doing so will quickly demonstrate a part of why so many are making the switch.

While looking for negative experiences involving CBD, what I found most were mild disappointments or reviews of users reporting no change, or at least no significant change in terms of their relief. This “no gain, no loss” experience is rare with CBD, but can happen. CBD affects everyone differently and is not a cure all, as incredible as it is. This is why I love that Green Garden Gold offers the 30 day money back guarantee. They get that at the end of the day what matters most to a customer is knowing a company will stand alongside their customers, not their bottom line. No results within 30 days? No problem, Green Garden Gold will refund your order. It may shock you to know that the number of people that report this kind of “null” experience and ask for a refund is less than 11 out of 10,000 people.

If you, or loved ones, are experiencing harsh consequences from opioids, and wish to try an alternative method of pain relief outside of the opioid prescription epidemic, then I strongly encourage you to try hemp CBD products.



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  1. Will Workman Kween says:

    This is one of the reasons I’ve decided to try CBD oil. I see so many people on these ineffective and addictive pain meds, that I want to be a testimony for CBD oil and show people there’s a better choice.

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