CBD & Arthritis: Spreading The Word

CBD & Arthritis: Spreading The Word

    Arthritis is one of the most common forms of disability in the United States, with over 50 million people affected nationwide. It’s a very serious problem that these people must deal with every day. Arthritis can make it difficult to perform even the most basic of tasks, opening doors, using kitchen utensils, writing, and so much more. Not only do these tasks take longer to complete, but performing them incurs significant pain. There are two major forms of arthritis; Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. While there are many more varieties, for simplicity we will talk about just these two.

    Rheumatoid Arthritis is actually an auto-immune disease. It works by having the body’s immune system target and attack its own joints. This can cause inflammation in those joints which in turn causes swelling, pain, and stiffening in those joints. Rheumatoid Arthritis generally targets the hands and feet, causing those with this disease to suffer greatly when attempting normal everyday tasks.

    Osteoarthritis, however, is a degenerative disease. This form of arthritis solely affects the joints in the sufferer’s body, including the cartilage and bones near them, by slowly degrading over time. This usually occurs around the legs, hips, knees, and thumbs. Imagine losing one of the qualities that make humans so capable, such as utilizing opposable thumbs, because it is just too painful to use them. It’s a tragedy that affects far too many people today, and a tragedy that has found new relief through CBD. Before we get into that, let’s look at an example.


    John had been working on cars for much of his life, decades even. He loved fixing them up, modifying them, then turning them around for a small profit. He worked diligently at his craft, honing and perfecting it so he could later pass it on to his children. Two of his seven children were interested in the hobby, so John taught them how to work on cars, showing them the ins and outs.  Those two eventually left the nest and made jobs for themselves in the industry. As his children grew up and left home, John continued to work on cars by himself. As time went on, he found it more and more difficult to use his tools and turn the wrenches. Every day the motions he one performed easily caused him more and more pain. Still, his passion gave him willpower to try and ignore the pain. However, as time went on he eventually had a very close call in an industrial accident caused by his arthritis. The incident convinced him to finally to give up his craft and retire.

    A few years later, one of his children came back with a child of their own. This grandchild was absolutely fascinated with anything to do with cars. John would tell him stories about his experiences with cars, but due to his arthritis, he could never do much more than that. He could not show his grandchild how each piece fits together to make the whole car run like a dream. He could not pass on his knowledge and passion to that grandchild no matter how many stories he told. Sadly, because of the little exposure CBD had at the time, John never had the chance to try it.

Happy People

    At Green Garden Gold, we believe that no one should suffer doing the things they love, or in just trying to go about their day. With our 30-day money back guarantee you are safe to try any of our products without worry. By using our products, you can be one of thousands who have found overall wellness.

Article By: Devin Engelke




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    Hi do you ship to Australia and will it get passed.

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      we ship to Australia often. We attach documentation to the package so that it gets passed. Also, our CEO is actually Australian!

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