A Story of Hope: Overcoming Arthritis

A Story of Hope: Overcoming Arthritis

arthritis interferenceArthritis had affected every aspect of Cathy’s life, with little relief. From turning keys in locks, trying to use can openers, or just trying to cut her food with a knife. Her hands would get so exhausted throughout the day, performing simple tasks she had taken for granted. Yet it was none of these things which hurt the most.

Music & art had been her life. Since Cathy was a child at seven years old she had been taught to play the piano and the violin. In her early teens she had begun oil painting, improving her skills by copying the masters she adored and were inspired by. She took every art course she could take in High School and entered every art competition or show she could. Even though she won many of these competitions, winning wasn’t what she entered for, it was about meeting other artists and being able to display her work.

While going to college she saved up any money she could. She worked two, sometimes three jobs so she could buy a broken down used piano from an old church.  That piano remained with her for many years. Around her third child it finally broke down completely and her husband bought her a gorgeous grand piano for their tenth anniversary. For nearly thirty years that piano played lively tunes and was the center of her most precious memories. Singing Christmas carols with her children gathered around the piano were some of her most precious.

Arthritis Interfering With Organ PlayingOver time her arthritis made it more and more difficult to play for long periods of time. There came a time when Cathy could no longer hold the paintbrush steady, causing her enormous frustration. As the years went on she eventually couldn’t play or paint at all, finally telling her church they had to find another organist to replace her. It was one of the most heartbreaking moments of her life; for her it marked the end of her playing music or painting.

Through the years she had tried many pain killers, lotions, and doctors. The few treatments that would work required massive doses, had side effects she couldn’t live with, or overworked her other organs to the point of causing more harm. Every morning she was taking a handful of pills and supplements, all in an effort to just deal with the pain.

It wasn’t until her daughter-in-law mentioned she was using one of Green Garden Gold’s CBD products to manage her knee pain did Cathy have hope for a better way. She was extremely skeptical with her daughter-in law’s overwhelming confidence in its effectiveness and amazing results. Cathy felt it “sounded too good and too easy” for it to be real.

Still, Cathy wanted to try it. She ordered our full spectrum hemp oil capsules, containing 30mg of CBD in each, and waited, expecting nothing but hoping. Within just a few short days she started feeling relief from her arthritis. She says that within a week she was sitting on her piano bench, playing piano again for the first time in almost two years, barely able to see through the tears that fell on her hands and the piano keys. Cathy says she can still only play for about a half an hour a day, but she can’t stop smiling for hours afterwards.

This amazing woman’s story was told to us a few weeks ago, by the woman herself. We thank you Cathy, both for sharing such an amazing experience with us and for giving our products a chance to help you. When I spoke with Cathy the other day to get her permission to share her incredible message on our website, she mentioned that she has recently been able to start painting again, though for short periods of time.

Does someone you love or someone important to you suffer continuously from pain related to arthritis? Please share your Green Garden Gold experience with them just as Cathy’s daughter-in-law did. We don’t doubt that you will improve their life, which is why we offer the 30 day money back guarantee on all our products and the referral rewards program. Give your loved one relief from the pains related to arthritis; give them a better way to live.

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