The Entourage Effect of CBD Explained

The Entourage Effect of CBD Explained

You may have heard about the Entourage Effect here and there, but what it actually is probably seems unclear. Fundamentally, the Entourage Effect is the theory that each individual chemical compound of the cannabis plant has its own dynamic use and/or function, but when those compounds are combined they become exponentially more powerful than they had been separately. It is a phenomenon that has been touted as one of the many benefits of CBD based oils and other products.

Thousands of Military PersonelTo better understand the effect, let’s humanize it. The Entourage Effect works in a similar way to how the military works. You have thousands of people specializing in unique functions that support the whole. The military isn’t just soldiers. You have technicians, mechanics, engineers, human resource workers, recruiters, teachers and coaches, counselors, chefs, navigators, and so on. Hundreds of roles for thousands of different participants. The unique compounds within a hemp plant are very similar. They each specialize in a specific role, but that role unto themselves may seem rather insignificant, much like how a military chef may feel sometimes. Yet, when they are structured together into a specific compound or parameter, those seemingly insignificant roles work and support each other to do amazing things, and they perform with amazing efficiency and results.

cannabis plantThe cannabis plant is comprised of hundreds of different compounds, most falling under one of three categories, THC, CBD, or terpenes. If we look at it from the perspective of the military, the THC and CBD are the officers. They decide what to do and keep things moving properly. Officer CBD keeps the mission moving, even stepping in to work the objectives himself. The terpenes are the other members of the military, and they support CBD. Together, CBD and the terpenes work cooperatively to operate and function as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Bringing it back to hemp, the objectives that CBD and the terpenes accomplish stem across many areas. Since our products are made from hemp, a subspecies of cannabis, you get products made with much higher levels of CBD and terpenes. We use hemp so that you do not receive the psychoactive effects of THC, while receiving all of the benefits of the CBD and terpenes.

At Green Garden Gold, we take great pride in our rich and complex terpene profile, one of the highest in the nation. Unlike many of our competitors, our manufacturing process doesn’t filter out the rich terpene profile of the hemp plant, so the effects of our products are even more pronounced. By having such a fantastic mixture of terpenes, the Entourage Effect is put to great use in our products, delivering amazing health benefits directly to you.

vaping cbd oil

One of the best ways to experience the Entourage Effect is through our CBD oils. Our VG Blended line of oils provides several different forms of consumption. Since the CBD is mixed with vegetable glycerine, you can take it orally or as a CBD vape. By vaping the oil, the CBD is delivered to even more areas of your body than normal, plus you can take your CBD easily on the go. As always, if you are not satisfied with your CBD product, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, but here at Green Garden Gold we believe that by introducing CBD into your daily life you will see both short and long-term health benefits, resulting in a happier and more comfortable life.





Article by Devin Engelke



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