CBD Pet Products: Countering Anxiety

CBD Pet Products: Countering Anxiety

CBD Helps Dogs Counter DepressionAnxiety isn’t just a problem for people, it affects pets as well. Anxiety in dogs shows up differently than in humans, but it is no less serious. Some dogs may exhibit a variety of symptoms, some destructive, and others might have you getting the mop. Many may not be apparent at first, but with time, they grow to become a larger problem for the dog or the owner. Damages caused by your dog’s anxiety alone could become expensive, not to mention trips to the vet, sedatives, or medications. Now there are other paths to soothing your dogs anxiety, CBD dog treats.

Tests using CBD on animals have shown similar results to those for humans; an alleviation of anxiety symptoms. These tests found CBD to have both anti-anxiety and anti-depressant qualities when animals were tasked with a series of regulated tests. This shows that CBD has promising effects for releasing stress and some of the tension troubling your dog.

Let’s look at a few of the ways your dog may become anxious, and a few common symptoms. One of the most common causes for anxiety in dogs is fear. Your dog’s fear could stem from several different places. Perhaps your dog had been hurt by another larger dog or person and is now nervous or stressed in social situations, exhibiting symptoms that end up hurting your dog more. Maybe your dog will bark and growl at other dogs that are simply approaching them. It may think that a stranger approaching it is threatening, causing your dog to defend itself even though the person was just walking by. In any such cases, these aggressive behaviors can result in far worse consequences for you, other dogs, or owners. CBD may alleviate these fears in your dog so that it may become comfortable and happy in social situations once again. While fear is a common cause, there are others that cause damage in different ways.

Dogs Will Be Dogs, Absence of Companionship Is A Problem

Dogs Have Social Needs   Another contributor to stress in dogs is separation anxiety. Dogs are social creatures, and yet most dog owners keep them isolated from others. The reason is rarely malicious; the owner has to go to work, needs to run errands, the area they live in doesn’t have good areas to walk the pet, etc. Regardless, the owner is the only social interaction the pet receives. Your dog may become worried that you are away for too long, even just running to the store may be too long in your dog’s mind. When you return, you may find your house in a huge mess. They may have urinated on the floor or torn up some of your new furniture. They could also bark excessively, causing visits from disgruntled neighbors. These issues might be less dangerous than aggression but cleaning up that mess on the floor gets old fast. And to be blunt, the dog’s suffering shouldn’t be ignored, they just aren’t able to deal with this kind of anxiety well because they are dogs. By using CBD, your dog may find your absence to be less worrying, and by alleviating those feelings your dog can relax more at home.

The final major cause of anxiety is age. One of the most common symptoms of anxiety in an aging dog is depression. This may come from various sources. A dog that was a close friend to your dog passing away for instance. The depression in your dog could result in it not eating properly, becoming weak or sick, and generally moping around. CBD could alleviate these feelings in your dog through its anti-depressive qualities, resulting in happier last few years of its life.

Green Garden Gold Experience Enjoyed By Your Pet As Well

Green Garden Gold Experience   At Green Garden Gold we know that your pet’s health and happiness are important, because we love our pets too. We believe that taking care of your dog is a high priority and understand that expensive treatments at the vet or dog trainer are not always the best or most useful options.

Alternatively, you could try one of our well-reviewed CBD Pet Products. With our 30-day money back guarantee, you’re safe to try our product without worry. If the product doesn’t work for your dog, your money will be returned to you. However, we believe that through the use of Green Garden Gold products you will find your dog less anxious in social settings, more comfortable when you leave, and more rejuvenated in its old age.



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Article Written by Devin Engelke

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  1. Will Workman Rosalinda Talbot says:

    My dog Bunny was paralyzed from the waist down she could not walk and I use the CBD drops and doggie biscuits and she is a miracle baby, because she walks everywhere now thank you all for a great job Thanks for CBD my dog Is walking ❤️

    • Will Workman Will Workman says:

      Thank you for your comment! We are so glad to hear about your experience and that she is doing better. How old and what breed is Bunny?

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