Illness & CBD: A Better Way To Live

Illness & CBD: A Better Way To Live

More than just comfortableLet’s not mince words or beat around the bush, living with illness is a trying experience. We try to treat our illness with doctors, and they do the best they can, but the bottom line is there isn’t much they can do about removing or curing the illness. Usually the best they can offer are plans to minimize the symptoms and “make us as comfortable as possible”.

Then why aren’t we more comfortable? Why are we being made to take handfuls of pills, half of which are supposed to fix the annoying side effects of the other half? And for those of us living in constant pain, we’re jumping from pain killer to pain killer each time the side effects of a particular brand become intolerable.

The Green Garden Gold Experience

At Green Garden Gold our focus and primary mission is to provide a better way to live for people living with illnesses, continuous anxiety, or long term pain. The confidence we have in our products isn’t bravado or salesmanship. It’s tens of thousands of user feedback, case studies, and millions of dollars in research spent in CBD applications and their results.

Green Garden Gold doesn’t claim to cure diseases.  As a rule, it’s best to be weary of folks that claim to do so. What we DO claim is that we will make your life better. Our 30 day money back guarantee isn’t just about motivating you to take the leap and try our products. We offer this guarantee because it’s our goal to change your life for the better within that time period, or we will give you your money back.

No matter how hard pharmaceutical lobbyists and their goons try to suppress it, the usefulness of CBD is still a fact. Our CBD products aren’t meant to cure or treat your illness, they are meant to alleviate the symptoms you are being forced to live with because of that illness. They are meant to offer a better way to live.Living A Better Way

Our CBD comes from high quality hemp aerial parts, the top most parts of the hemp plant. Our CBD has less than .3% THC, keeping with FDA regulations and laws. We utilize third party labs for testing and verification, and we share those results on our product pages; no other competitor does this. Our CBD products contain terpenes, and our terpene profile is one of the highest available on the market.

What Are Terpenes & Why Do They Matter?

Cannabis is among the plants with the highest complexity of terpenes, with far ranging smells, flavors, and therapeutic effects.

Studies  with terpenes in cannabis show CBD products can be used for a wide degree of problems and ailments.

  • They are used as antidepressants & anxiolytics – which serves to lower anxiety and aid people fighting chronic depression.
  • They are immunostimulants – which is anything that acts to stimulate the immune system by increasing the activation of its essential components.
  • They assist as an antibacterial, or anti-inflammatory.
  • & recently there is a large following using these terpenes for aiding in weight loss.

Unfortunately, most sellers of CBD related products filter out most of the unique Terpenes during their manufacturing process. The end results are products that are unpleasant tasting with repellent smells, and without a strong terpene profile the effects of the CBD oil are also diminished.

Here at Green Garden Gold we not only preserve the terpene profile, we enhance it! Our CBD products maintain one of the highest terpene profiles in the nation.

We welcome experienced CBD users to compare our products with those they have used in the past, and we welcome new users who are trying CBD for the first time. We offer the same 30 day money back guarantee to both. Try the Green Garden Gold experience today and enjoy a better way to live.



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  1. Will Workman lindsaymchl says:

    I can 100% stand behind Green Garden Gold’s products! Especially after horrible attempts at introducing CBD into my life from other companies. Their products truly help with so many things going on in the body, and I am so grateful! Finding a great company to me that you can trust is #1 before introducing CBD into your life, and I am happy I found that here and that I can spread the word for others to get the true healing benefits! Thanks Green Garden GOLD!

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