5 Reasons CBD Might Have Disappointed You

5 Reasons CBD Might Have Disappointed You

“Does CBD really work? Did I do something wrong? These CBD products are a ripoff.”

Are these some of the thoughts that began swirling around in your head after trying CBD?

At Green Garden Gold, there’s nothing we hate seeing more than a disappointed CBD customer, but we know that it happens, and we’ve determined a few of the most common reasons why some people’s first experience with trying CBD oil products did not live up to their expectations.

The good news is, none of these reasons indicate that CBD simply can’t work for you. CBD oil products work naturally through a system that already exists within our bodies — the endocannabinoid system to be exact. As long as you have one of these, which you do, CBD itself is not the source of your upsetting initial experience of trial and error.

Reason 1: False Advertising by “CBD Stores”

The sad truth of this world is that whenever a great idea comes to fruition, there are always a few bad apples that seek to profit from the discovery with faux variations of it. This is true for all industries, and CBD stores are in no way exempt. There are companies that attempt to create CBD oil products similar to the leading manufacturers, but they cut corners and don’t hold their company or its products to high standards — or any standards for that matter.

Another major occurrence we run into in the CBD industry is people selling simply hemp products as CBD products. While hemp oil products can include CBD, they are not one and the same. Hemp has been around for centuries for many industrial uses, which does not contain CBD. People cold-press hemp seeds into oil that is used in lotions, shampoos, and a variety of cosmetic products. While these are great products, they are not CBD products, and therefore you should not expect to receive the effects of CBD from traditional hemp products. CBD is extracted from the flour of the plant rather than the seeds that are used in many “old school” applications.

If someone purchases a CBD oil product and claims that they did not receive any worthwhile effects thereafter, the first question to always ask is, where did it come from? Is the CBD from a reputable company known for their quality CBD extract? Many CBD consumers are misled by false advertising at one time or another, which is unfortunate as it can give a bad rep to the relatively new and growing industry as a whole.

You may be asking, “how can companies get away with this?” Quite simply, CBD is new, and with any new industry, it takes time and growth before it becomes regulated for quality control and malpractice. The Food and Drug Administration has not yet given their full seal of approval to all CBD oil products outside of the newly introduced prescription CBD medication for epilepsy (Epidiolex). As a result of this, businesses can claim themselves as a CBD store without any real proof of the quality or effectiveness of their products.

If you believe this could be the case for the CBD store in which you purchased CBD oil products, then we highly recommend you try again! Except, this time, choose a well-known leader in the CBD industry such as Green Garden Gold. We provide lab test information for all of the CBD oil products we offer in our CBD store online so that you know you are getting nothing but the best, CO2-extracted hemp oil CBD.

Reason #2: Improper CBD Dosage

If you’re certain that the CBD oil you have is top-notch from a reputable CBD store, another factor that can easily lead to people not experiencing the benefits that they desire from their CBD oil products is the fact that they are not taking the proper dose. This is a very common problem in the world of CBD, but luckily it has an easy fix!

CBD affects everyone differently depending on a variety of factors. Your body weight, body chemistry, metabolism, and many other aspects can have an impact on the level of dosing it requires to receive the full beneficial effect from your CBD.

To learn about how to properly dose with the wide variety of CBD products available today, read our “Guide To CBD Oil Dosage” posts — part one and part two.

Reason #3: Not Allowing Enough Time

Not giving your CBD oil enough time to take full effect is another common reason that people claim CBD doesn’t work for them. Many people take it and, thinking about CBD the way they do THC, expect to feel immediate results.

The fact is, the CBD in CBD oil products comes from plants, meaning the compound differs in some respects from the natural cannabidiol within our bodies, so it does not immediately get recognized by our receptors in some cases. You have to give CBD a little bit of time to acclimate to your system in order to really start noticing significant effects and changes within your body.

Once your body has become accustomed to this new, external source of natural cannabidiol, you will begin to receive the full entourage effect from your CBD oil products and get the relief that you have been searching for. To be clear, this can take a few days to a few weeks depending on the individual.

Reason #4: Misguided Expectations

Another reason that some people end up with an unfulfilling experience with CBD oil products is from expecting things that CBD will not deliver. Some people buy CBD expecting it to immediately eradicate their life of all troubles, whether it be anxiety relief or more extreme notions like a cure for cancer. While it can have benefits that aid in the relief of items like these, it in no way cures them. At least, it hasn’t yet been proven that CBD can act as a cure for such conditions. While it can certainly provide relief, it should not be your only go-to for improving your health and wellness. If there is something in your life causing you to have constant anxiety, CBD is not going to cure this, only temporarily relieve you.

Other people buy CBD oil products and expect to feel some sort of “high” similar to that of THC in cannabis. CBD is not psychoactive, and most CBD stores, including Green Garden Gold, make this very apparent to customers.

Many of these misguided expectations can all be linked back to the initial reason for an underwhelming experience — false advertising. Whether it’s from information on the internet or just rumors passed between people, the “telephone effect” eventually takes hold, leading to many people interested in CBD gathering the wrong impression of its potential capabilities and effects.

Reason #5: Medical Reasons

This is the last, but least likely potential reason that your CBD oil just isn’t cutting it. In some cases, CBD oil products will not suffice for the type of treatment it is being used for because of either known or unknown medical conditions.

In other words, there may be something more intricate occurring underneath the surface than you realize. This is why if you are prone to some less common medical conditions, we recommend discussing the idea of administering CBD with your doctor prior to purchasing. Not only can certain elements of your body chemistry impact the level of effectiveness of CBD, but other medications can also certainly play a role in lessening or even altering the effects of CBD.

If any of these five scenarios could potentially be the reason that you haven’t gotten the best experience out of your CBD oil products, we welcome you to give CBD another shot — but this time with Green Garden Gold’s pure, hemp-extracted CBD oil products.


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