A Guide To CBD Oil Dosage: Part 2 of 2

A Guide To CBD Oil Dosage: Part 2 of 2

After publishing our first blog post on CBD oil dosage depicting how much to consume or apply of each of our CBD oil products and roughly how long each of them take to kick in, we received a wide range of further questions concerning proper dosage from our customers, which is why we decided to include a part two for our CBD dosage information.


The questions ranged from:

  • How long do the effects of CBD oil products last?
  • How long can CBD oil stay in your system?
  • Will CBD show up on a drug screening?
  • And countless others


In part two of our guide to CBD oil dosage, we will be covering each of these topics and much more, so you can rest assured you are properly dosing with your CBD products and having the best health and wellness experience.


How Long Do CBD Oil Effects Last?

Green Garden Gold - Duration of CBD Effects

A major key to applying proper CBD dosage for your particular needs is determining how long you can expect any given amount of a CBD oil product to last. There are many factors that can influence how long the beneficial effects of your CBD will last you:


  • The concentration of the substance
  • The type of condition you are treating
  • The method of delivery
  • The milligrams per serving you are taking
  • The other dietary items being consumed
  • The biological makeup of the CBD user


Similar to any other drug, medication, or supplement, people often consume more CBD than necessary for receiving the benefits they desire, because they do not wait for the effects to fully kick in before quickly resulting to applying another dose.


While this may not be detrimental, as overdosing is not a concern with CBD oil products, it will save you money to discern the optimal amounts for receiving the benefits from your CBD oils without taking more than necessary. When you feel as if your CBD is not working as you wish, just give it some time — we know you will be pleasantly surprised.  For more information about how long it takes for the variety of different CBD oil products to kick in, refer to part one of our dosage guide.


Depending on which type of CBD oil products you choose as your go-to for your health and wellness needs, you can expect the duration of the effects to vary significantly.



Inhalation of CBD refers to vaping CBD oil extract that is mixed into a vegetable glycerine blend.

Although it obviously varies on the amount, inhalation of CBD can last anywhere from two to four hours for the majority of people. So in order to consume your CBD in the most efficient form, it is best to divide your CBD vape sessions up into increments of at least a few hours. Learn more in our guide to vaping CBD oils.



For taking CBD oils sublingually, which means to consume orally as CBD drops under the tongue, the duration is relatively similar to that of vaping CBD oils, as the cannabidiol is absorbed into the bloodstream.


As you might know from other medications and remedies, having a supplement absorbed into your bloodstream can take some time to initially take effect, but it then lasts for an extended period of time. In the case of CBD extract drops, the effects on average last from four to six hours once they kick in.


When taking your CBD extract sublingually, it’s important to let it absorb into your mouth underneath your tongue and avoid swallowing it as much as possible — not because it isn’t edible, but because the effects are much more potent and immediate when allowing to fully absorb into your bloodstream rather than your digestive system.



For CBD topicals, whether hemp oil salves or serums, the duration of their dermal effects is not quite as clear. The good thing about CBD topical applications, though, is you can apply them pretty liberally. There aren’t much in terms of side effects for excessively applying CBD to your skin wherever you are experiencing pain or irritation. The average estimate for the duration of CBD topical effects is 1-3 hours.



Last, but certainly not least, is the ingestion of CBD. This can be in the form of CBD edibles, CBD capsules, as well as consuming CBD hemp oil extract mixed into your food or beverages.


The effects from consuming CBD via digestion can take the longest to feel but have the longest duration — anywhere from six to eight hours on average. Capsules, in particular, feature an extended release formula so that you can receive the benefits of CBD gradually throughout your day.

Pure CBD - Green Garden Gold

How Long Does CBD Oil Stay in Your System?

The short answer to this: it depends.

There is no definitive answer to how long CBD oil stays in your system, as it depends on a multitude of factors — many of which are the same variables that influence how long the effects of your CBD oil will last.


It depends on the amount of CBD you use. It depends on how potent the CBD products you use are, how often you use them, and more. The method of consumption matters also plays a major role. Do you vape CBD? Ingest CBD? Rub it on your skin?


Since CBD influences the endocannabinoid system that naturally exists within our biological makeup, it can be difficult to decipher how long after the fact it plays a role in influencing this intricate system that connects so many aspects of our bodies.


If you are interested in learning how long it stays in your system for the matter of drug tests, this should be of no concern to you. With the tests available today and the minimal research that has been collected, most CBD users have shown to rid their systems of CBD within a week of being CBD free — even when taking it daily for months prior.


Another reason the duration that CBD remains in your system should be of little concern to you is that employers do not drug test for CBD. They drug test for THC. When you choose to use CBD products that are hemp oil extracted, there is little to no presence of THC compared to CBD extracted from cannabis.


In rare cases, a drug screening could theoretically show a false positive when consuming large amounts of CBD regularly (above 1000-2000 mg of hemp oil daily). This is due to the number of cannabinoids present in your system. No need to fret, though, because as soon as the test is sent off to the lab for the confirmatory GC/MS screening, it would return negative because CBD and other cannabinoids are not picked up by the more accurate THC screenings.


The high-quality and trusted brands of CBD hemp oil like Green Garden Gold contain minimal amounts of THC — roughly 1/300th of the THC concentration of your typical cannabis product, so even running into this sort of instance should be of little to no concern for you. In fact, with the benefits CBD can provide for focus, calmness, and alertness would only be of benefit to your life at work and to your employers, so keep calm, and CBD on!


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